Controversial Book, Not About Money

Controversial, but mostly in getting her story known. Not About Money has been without publicity support, as all advertising venues are dependent on accounts with this corporate giant. Even her attempts of paid advertising have been refused. Appreciative of her formative years as an employee, her story is not really that deprecating. It is merely an inside look at the times of all companies struggling to compete in a global economy.

Author Ellen Marie Blend, former employee of a Detroit automobile manufacturing company, writes of her tumultuous experiences at the end of her promising career. She expresses both the highly enviable early days of her work life–for a company that made more money than they knew what to do with–to excelling into a management job, in more trying times, that soon ended her career.

Seeing the failings of management in her last working years, she could have predicted the subsequent bankruptcy. With her outspoken views, and dislike for meaningless and wasteful work practices, she was considered not to be a team player and unfit to be linked among other managers. Docile in nature, corporate management thought they could quietly remove her from her position. Little did they know she would become the little mouse that roared. Most of all, she tells her true story.



About Ellen Marie Blend

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