A Time of Change

I have two children, a son and daughter. My daughter lived with me prior to her getting married, and I developed a closer relationship to her than to my son. My son had a better connection with his dad as they worked together in business and spent much time together.

The business that my son and his father had failed, and they both were losing everything. My son was losing his house in bankruptcy. Eviction notices were arriving frequently, and he was busily looking for another place to live. I accompanied him several times to comfort him, and to give him parental support as needed. I was soon to experience a change in my life due to this.

In his looking, I found a house that piqued my interest, although I hadn’t planned on moving. This particular house had some attributes that were better than my current home, and the property also had an additional building that could easily be made into another home, one which he could renovate and use for himself.

We both saw the attractiveness to this idea, and I made an offer to purchase the property. It was at this time that my son realized that I was truly there to support him in his time of need. That is when the change really began to take place.

I was in the real estate office signing the papers, and found a quarter on the floor. I walked across a parking lot and found change on the ground. I went to a funeral home and found a dime on the chair. In shopping, I found change at the curb walking from the parking lot to the store. Money was appearing so frequently, that while at a fast food drive thru, I pulled up to the window and opened the car door. I looked down at the pavement, and there was change on the ground as I knew there would be. I found that there was money everywhere for me.

There was never very much money, perhaps a nickel or a dime, but mostly pennies everywhere. I knew that they were there for me, for there were far too many occurrences for them to be there by chance. The message was that “there was going to be a lot of change in my life.” My son now knew that he could count on me.

I had put my house up for sale, and the purchase of the new home was contingent upon the sale of my current home. Before the sale could be consummated, another offer was made on the home I was to buy, without a contingency. That meant that I either had to complete the sale with a bridge loan, or back out on the deal.

As it turned out, I became very uncomfortable about moving to the new location, and I sensed that my son was also uncertain about the great distance he would have to travel to a new job. I let the house go, and the events that followed gave us both peace of mind. I also learned that a significant amount of “change” had been made in my life.

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