Up, Down and Around

I had asked the spirit world for help all day long for a given situation in my life. I did not receive an answer, until I was awakened at 3:00 a.m. by a vibration in my left ear.

A little fairy, whom I have named Tinkerbell, said, “I’m surprised no one has told you.”

Then I was shown a completely round natural colored basket that had no handles. It had pink ribbon woven in and out of the basket. I asked to please be given words, as I did not understand what this meant.

Then I sensed a male trying to assist me. I called him Peter, as he had come with Tinkerbell. He showed me a fan, lying down, and I could see fan blades moving up down and around.

Again I asked for words as I was at a loss. Instead, I heard the song with the words, “inside out, the way you turn me,” which I believe was popular around the late 1990’s.

Finally, I sensed the word “forgiveness.” Perhaps this was because I could not hear any words, and they were sorry.

Then, my last visual was presented. I saw a twirling skirt, moving, up, down and around.

I told all of the information to my friend, Gwenn, who has assisted me with many of my visual encounters, and she said, “That’s just what you’ve been doing, going up, down and around, trying to find a solution to your problem.

To learn more about Ellen’s spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at http://www.ellenblend.com.


About Ellen Marie Blend

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