I was awakened from my lying position on the couch by a spiritual entity who moved my feet in order to sit down. I could physically see his short little body with outstretched legs in a transparent form. He cajoled himself by playing an imaginary musical instrument while singing ta-tat-ta-tat-ta-ta.

As with other apparitions, I was startled, and could hardly believe my own eyes. As I became fully awake, he disappeared, and I was left to wonder who this strange little creature was.

When I talked to Gwenn, my dear friend and mentor, she told me that I had just seen my gremlin. “You must have let your spirits get low recently, because that is when they can get to you,” she said. I thought about it, but hadn’t realized that I might have felt low at some point.

“Gremlins aren’t really harmful,” Gwenn said. “They’re just playful and very mischievous.”

I looked up gremlin in the on-line dictionary, and found this:

An imaginary mischievous sprite regarded as responsible for an unexplained problem or fault, especially a mechanical or electronic one.

This little gremlin tantalized me for an entire year, running my car battery down several times, making my office light intermittently inoperable, and causing the television to freeze making a white streak flash across the screen.
He also messed with my typing at the computer by making letters stick and repeat themselves a few times when I had not typed them that way.

In time, these episodes faded away, but I will never forget my little mischievous gremlin. You might also be interested to know that when I’ve tried to share this story with friends, other than Gwenn, they were not so apt to believe that this imaginary sprite was actually very real. And, when I told my son that a little gremlin was messing with my computer, he said “Mom, everyone has a computer gremlin!”

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