The Wizard Speaks

There was a point in my life that I was called upon to solidify my relationship with my son. It had to do with love, trust, and money. At that time he was at a point of losing his house to creditors due to a business loss. God gave me just barely enough to save him, leaving me no cushion at all. As a mother, I did what I needed to do.

During this ordeal, he found two buyers for his home that would have saved his credit, but for reasons intervened by his bankruptcy lawyer was unable to complete the sale in each instance. He may not have been advised correctly; however, he was paying for this service and felt it was in his best interest not to complete the sales.

In the meantime, the home was taken from him and he had a six-month redemption period in order to reclaim his rights to the home. Six months passed, and a new mortgage could not be obtained due to liens and levies on the title which had to be cleared.

While eviction papers were coming at him, he again tried to repurchase his own home from the mortgage company who bought it, since it no longer belonged to him. Again, a title search showed the same liens and levies had not been removed.

“Did Doug close on his house yet?” asked Gwenn, who had just returned from a few days vacation.

“No,” I said. “The title is still not clear.”

“He’s so close, but still not there,” she exclaimed. Knowing that I was also coming to the table in this one, she said—from the internal wisdom of Gwenn—there is something that has to happen before he can close on that mortgage. It’s something small, but it has to happen before he will be able to close. I want to say it has to do with Doug or you, or maybe even Shelly, his live-in girlfriend. Whatever it is, it is very small. The Wizard has spoken!” she said and laughed.

I laughed too. I knew that this information was coming to her magically, as it always did, and she was relaying the message.

We talked more, and something I said sparked the comment “It’s not with Shelly, it has something to do with either you or Doug or you and Doug together. Shelly isn’t part of it.”

I waited for more information, and we laughed again about the karmic information, or lack of. “I don’t’ have the answer,” she continued. “I just have the information to give direction.”

Soothsayers never do give explicit information—just enough for you to figure it out yourself, I thought.

“I know you don’t like to do it, but you can always pray to St. Anthony,” she said.

“What makes you say I don’t like to do that,” I asked.

“Because the last time I told you to do that when you couldn’t find your bag of sewing materials, it dropped on your head!”

“Yes, it did,” I had to agree. I had prayed to St. Anthony as she suggested, and the bag literally fell on my head when I was searching in a closet. To this day I don’t know where that bag came from, but it did hit me in the head.”

“Okay, I said. I’ll pray to him—just as soon as I put on a helmet!” Of course, I was kidding, but I did intend to pray.

While writing, I believed that the answer had been given to me. I didn’t actually have to take special time to pray, but I believed I was being told to get the sideline legal documentation ready between Doug and myself so that we are both protected with the money transfer for his ownership of the home. Perhaps then he will be able to consummate a successful mortgage closing.

I expressed my feelings to Gwenn. “No, she said, the legality things are important, but I feel it is a karmic debt or requirement that has to be made. I still say it is small, liked an apology, a lesson, or the closing down of something. You did pray to St. Anthony, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I said. “I prayed to him even after I thought I had the answer.”

“Good. The answer will come.”

The answer was that Doug needed to know that I would be there to support him in time of need, both emotionally and financially, and I let him know that I would be there for him. Our relationship has been quite solid, many years hence.

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