The Pearl is within the Lotus

One evening I was taking a walk with a gal who was visiting from California. We each talked a little about our backgrounds, and finding some similarities to which we could both relate, began exchanging stories. Her spiritual story is one I would like to repeat here.

She had a boyfriend in California, but the relationship was not going well. An acquaintance offered her an opportunity to take a job working in Tibet, and she elected to go. She figured that her relationship was not going that well anyway, and she could use a change. The experience of going there to work and to learn of the people and their culture was also quite intriguing.

She spent enough time in Tibet to appreciate the beliefs and behaviors of the Tibetan people, but missed her friends and family. At holiday time, she booked a flight to come home to be with her family, and also her estranged boyfriend.

He had missed her, and she him, and he asked her to marry him. She was uncertain, but with the input from her friends decided that it was the right thing to do.

When back in Tibet, she told her friends there of her plans, and they gleefully helped her pick out a dress for her wedding. She wanted a wedding that would tie her newfound surroundings to her future life back home.

Her Tibetan friends helped her shop, but each dress that she tried on did not fit well in one place or another from the sizes that were in stock. It was decided that a dress would be special ordered, and that it could be shipped to her home in the United States.

Still worrying about her decision to marry, she confided in a girlfriend in Tibet. “Ah, she said. You worry, but the pearl is within the lotus.” She was telling her that the answer and her feelings were within herself. No one else could answer for her.

When she arrived home, she found a boxed package containing her wedding dress. Upon opening it, she tried it on and it fit beautifully. Satisfied, she took the dress off and placed it on a hanger, noticing the label inside the dress. It said, “The Pearl is Within the Lotus,” and she knew then that she had been given a sign and had made the right choice.

To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at or send an email to


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