My Playful Spirit Guide

I had not meditated for a very long time, and I closed my eyes for just a moment with the intention of doing just that. When I did, I saw a man appear before my very eyes, dressed rather sharply, and wearing a top hat. His face was quite fair and he was very nice looking.

He either rose to a standing position, or came out of what appeared to be a phone booth or store-front window, and stood smiling before me.

As I watched him, he was playful—rather impish, I would say. I began to see frame after frame as he moved about.

“Who are you?” I asked. “You’re beautiful.”

He just continued his movements in his playful manner.

I thought, “You’re my spirit guide, aren’t you! Do you have a name?” I felt this question should have been understood by him.

I did not get a response, and then my mind seemed to play tricks on me. Or, was it a message?

A transfer was made from seeing his beautiful face to my former boyfriend, Mike’s face. Mike had also been very playful. Was that telling me something? Had he brought playful Mike back into my mind again for a reason?

I was thinking that he did, but as I continued to watch this playful man, the frames faded away.

When I told Gwenn, my friend and psychic mentor, of this encounter, she quickly informed me that his name was Mike. He had answered my question. The transfer of his face to Mike’s was to tell me his name. I guess I will always need to rely on her dependable insight, as I hadn’t figured that out by myself.

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One Response to My Playful Spirit Guide

  1. xenophobia22 says:

    Your story was wonderfully vivid and fun to read. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the “unseen” world that is unfolding around us.

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