The Golden Light

When I arrived home last evening, there was a message on my recorder from my friend, Marilyn, that her mother had passed away. Marilyn had never been a favorite child of her mother’s, and they had spent more than fifty years trying to smooth out a bumpy relationship.

Marilyn’s mom had been moved from a nursing home in Port Huron to a home in Lansing, which was more than a couple of hours away. Marilyn had taken the day before to go and visit her to find that she had just been transported from the nursing home to the hospital and was not doing well.

Despite the ill will and her Mom’s failing condition, she and Marilyn were able to exchange a form of peace between them at the hospital. Marilyn held her hand, and a calmness prevailed. Her Mom had been happy that she was coming to visit and expressed her gladness.

The following morning, Marilyn awakened to see a golden light shine in the bedroom window onto the mirror, and reflect back out the window. She sat up in bed and looked at the light and into the mirror. She saw her own face in a light she had never seen before. She saw her face completely at peace after having had such a calming day with her Mom. Shortly after, she received a call that her Mom had passed on.

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