The Little Man

I had somehow hurt my leg and ended up with an inflamed tendon. A couple of weeks had passed, and I was becoming more and more uncomfortable. A trip to the doctor for an injection of cortisone and some anti-inflammatory drugs had still not improved my condition, and I found it much more comfortable to sleep on the soft couch cushions than on my firm mattress.

I had fallen asleep on the couch for the night, and while I seldom wake up, was disturbed by something rocking my feet. I began to come out of my deep sleep. It was not uncommon for me to be disturbed by someone shaking my bed while I slept, but I never found anyone or anything there to be able to explain clearly what happened.

I could remember having been dreaming of some building which had a marquee or signboard that resembled the ivory keys of a piano. The end keys on either side were dark and perhaps a royal blue. There may have been a red or yellow key as well among them.

Now awake, with my eyes still squinted, I looked at the area near my feet to see a small little man sitting there on the couch. He had obviously disturbed me when he moved my feet to sit down. He was slight of build and not a good looking man at all, but was happily mouthing a musical “da da tut tut tut” tune with his hands moving in the air..

As I opened my eyes more fully, he was no longer visible. Who was he? He was light and gay—a happy little soul. I thought perhaps he was a spirit guide with a purpose to see that I had fun. I had thought that the recent guide I met, Mike, was there for that purpose as he was so playful. I can only surmise that there is more than one guide looking over me for that purpose.

What I need to sort out is if this little man interjected the dream into my mind or if he was able to know the dream I was having. I am more apt to think that I heard his little tune and mentally placed the resemblance of piano keys on the building in my dream.

A couple of days later I had the opportunity to talk with my friend, Gwenn, and told her of this encounter with the ugly little man. I hated to call anyone ugly, but he really was not very nice looking. “That’s your gremlin,” she said. “He’s there to be a brat, to make fun of you and give you a hard time. That’s the ugly little man you saw.”

“Really?” I said.

“Yes,” she continued. “He will be a menace, but not really that harmful. He will want to play tricks on you. Do you know how to get rid of him?”

“No,” I replied.

“Tell him you will tell the Blessed Mother on him. His little ‘tut tut tut’ tune is like ‘nah nah nah nah nah nah’ so talk to Mother Mary and ask her to help you get rid of him.

“You have to change, too,” she said. “What has happened is that you have not been in very good spirits, and you have let him in. What you need to do is think only happy thoughts and not let any negativity come into your mind. Then he can’t bother you.”

“Well, I told you that I haven’t really been interested in anything lately. I haven’t been depressed, but I haven’t been really up either.”

“That’s it,” Gwenn said. “You have let him in and now you will have to ask Mother Mary to help you get rid of him. He’s your little Gremlin, alright!”

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