On My Birthday

I had often heard of others remarking that something noteworthy happened in their lives to remind them of loved ones passed on, either on that person’s birthday or the date of their death. They felt that there was a presence around them or that a message had been given by something that happened.

On my recent birthday, I had traveled out of town and had retired for the night after a lovely evening of fine dining and great music. I had worn a red dress and shoes, and matching red lipstick for the outfit.

The coffee I drank during the evening kept me from going right to sleep, and I welcomed the encounters from visiting spirits as I lie awake. Often times, a white light would come into view, and I would wait for a manifestation to appear. Sometimes I would only see light forms, but this evening I saw several faces that I did not know.

When I nearly fell asleep, a bright light flashed before my eyes with a notable spark, and a vision of my late mother and her sister appeared. It was nice to see them together, and good to see my mother finally at peace. I welcomed their visit openly.

The relationship I had with my mother did not end well. Although I appreciated her wonderful love, teachings and guidance, we were barely friends upon her death. One day when I sought out a psychic reader, I was told that my mother was sorry and that she wanted to have another chance with me.

Believing in reincarnation, I already knew that I did not want to come back to earth should I have that choice. I tried to assure her that she had done nothing wrong in this lifetime. Seeing her at peace, now, I knew that she understood how I felt.

The vision faded, and I again tried to sleep. Another bright flash of light with a spark awakened me, and my mother again appeared. This time she was all dressed up, her hair was nicely done, and she wore a bright red lipstick. I must have reminded her of her life at my age, and she was acknowledging how I looked that evening.

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