Photo Shots

I wish I knew who visits me, either by the vibration I hear and feel in an ear, or the visual experiences I have when resting before sleep. I know someone is there, and even though I query, few show their face or let me know who they are. I’m sure that I have more than a few guides that help me, but it would be so nice to know who brings me information.

The other evening, before my sound sleep, someone brought me several photo shots of dear family members, now deceased. I saw a picture of my mother as a young woman, and not at an age of any time that I would remember. Then, one followed of her mother, my grandmother, also at an age that I would not have ever seen; her sister, my aunt, and then another aunt from my father’s side.

Were they all together now? Is that what the guide was trying to show me? When I asked to know who was present to bring me information, was that my answer? Were all of these loved ones around to assist me at one time or another? Whether or not that was my answer, it was heartwarming to see them with such pleasant expressions on their faces.

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