To See an Angel

Author Ellen Marie Blend

Body, Mind & Spirit

Ever since I began my spiritual journey, I’ve been presented with many experiences. It seems that the spirit world wants me to encounter enough events to understand the enormity of what is beyond our current world. I’ve questioned much and received many answers.

Among the many spiritual occurrences that I’ve had, I still asked to see an angel. I wanted to have that experience. I discounted the fact that I have seen my guardian angel clearly in my mind’s eye. And I dismissed the fact that I was protected in a car accident by the unseen angel that swept me up in its wings.

Then I read a book that said that very few people have actually seen an angel, so I considered that my request was too much to ask. Then one evening, as I was attending a group meeting and all were sitting in chairs formed in a circle, I was soon to be appeased with another type of viewing.

As I stared at the carpeting in the middle of the ring of people, I saw four gold bars light up on the floor. That got my attention, and as I waited, I could faintly see the gold cast of an angel with large wings upon the floor.

Even though angels rarely show themselves in full projection, I believe this was an attempt to satisfy my request.

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