The Rising

A gentle, good hearted man named Norman, was raised in a religious family. Later in life, he became an atheist and had no more to do with the church. He married, had a family, and a good life.

When he was struck with cancer, his wife stood by and cared for him well. In his final stages in the hospital, in hospice, he faded in and out of consciousness. When awake, he spoke to unseen people above him, giving his acknowledgement. Both his wife and his nurse were witness to this.

His wife pleaded with him to make peace with God. “You’re a sinner,” she said. “Ask God to forgive you, and he will.” Her pleas were met with disdain.

For three days before his death, he said, “I’m rising. I’m rising.” But his life lingered on. The nurse finally told his wife, “You’re going to have to let him go. There are people here waiting to take him.”

“I’m not ready to let go,” she said. Finally, she consented, and he passed peacefully, his soul finally rising to the heavens.

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