There They Were

For some time I had been asking to see an angel. I had read a book about angels, and found that they rarely were seen by humans. It was also reported that some angels are very large and much taller than we are. Still, I had had so many spiritual encounters, I desired to see an angel.

One evening, while attending a meeting at a bookstore, I saw the golden light of a reflection of an angel on the carpeting before me. It was noted and appreciated, but I still did not feel that I had actually seen an angel.

And sometimes when I read, I find that there is a golden cast of light upon the words as I read them. I also note that this is from some angelic spirit around me, and I am comforted. But, I still had not actually seen an angel.

Then one night, as I lay down to sleep, my mind was open and ready to receive my spiritual interaction. First, I saw vibrant blocks of color, which puzzled me. Then, the blocks moved away, and I saw many angels, both male and female, with wings widespread, gliding through the air and peering at me through the small window of my mind’s eye. There they were. Angels, before my very eyes, in a way that only I could see.

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2 Responses to There They Were

  1. drkathy6446 says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful angel encounter. Peace, Kathy Foster, D.Div.

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