Paying Respects

While many of my family members can attest to having seen an apparition either of someone they knew, or not, my son, Doug, now has experienced seeing one in human form.

He had attended a family funeral on his Dad’s side of the family. It was for Gerald, an elderly gentleman that had married Aunt Martha very late in life. I’m sure both were over seventy-five years of age when they married, and had enjoyed ten to fifteen years together.

Gerald passed away first. Doug attended the funeral with other family members. At the funeral, standing around the casket at the gravesite, two or more people heard Gerald talking.

When the small service was completed, the family members returned to their vehicles. Doug stayed back to see the casket lowered into the ground, and as he turned around, he unmistakably saw Gerald walking away.

“He was just checking things out,” my friend, Gwenn, stated.

A year later, Aunt Martha took leave. The night prior to her death, Doug had strong and fond memories of her come to mind. He reflected on her always saying, “Stop by and see me.” He told me she always said that whenever they were together. The following day he learned she had passed on.

“She was just saying good bye to everyone,” Gwenn again gave comment.

“That’s not the first time that has happened to me when someone dies,” said Doug. I’ll be thinking strongly about someone and learn the next day that they passed on.

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