The Spiritual Rug

My husband  lost his previous wife a year before we met.  I learned that she was a religious person, as was he, and both were very spiritual.  In fact, of the many things that I learned about her, she was so intent in her prayers that she healed her terminally ill sister. 


Among her many interests, she loved angels and Christmas, and fervently celebrated the birth of the Lord. While I don’t display such an outward admiration, my own talents of spiritual connection with Jesus present a comfort to my husband.


When we married, we discussed that his previous wife must have played a part in bringing us together.  He felt that she had directed him to me.  I confirmed that I had received a Tarot card reading  indicating that I would meet a man who fit his spiritual description, and that I did in fact meet him in the timing stated by the reader.


For months after our meeting, I felt that the previous wife was trying to communicate with me by the frequent vibrations that I experienced.  I had no comprehension of what she was trying to say, and in time, the interruptions became annoying.  I wished they would stop, and they finally did.


This year new furniture and an area rug were purchased for our living room.  While shopping, my husband picked out the rug that  matched the furniture well, and I liked it very much. It had been home on the floor for some time when I noticed some distinguishing things in the rugs’ subtle design.  Not only did it have spiritual doves and flowers in the background, there were angels above shapes like Christmas trees. 


The finding and purchase of this rug was obviously not by accident.  It was meant to be a reminder of her influence in our relationship and the continuing interest of God and spirituality in our lives.


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