Angels Abound

Ever since I made my plea to see an angel, I have been given many opportunities to be aware that they are plentiful and around me.

One evening, when lying down to sleep, my internal vision was covered with a soft, lavender and white veil, that I could only explain as being feathered. While I was enthralled and captivated with this sight, another entered my viewing screen in pink, with the same wispy, delicate covering.

Angels, I confirmed to myself. Angels are around me in soft pastels. I wonder why not powder blue. Then I remembered reading that angels have different colored wings and tips. I looked in the book I have about angels and found that the lavender was probably one of the Thrones, and the pink, Cherubim or Seraphim, both joyous singers, although I heard no music.

Not more than a couple of nights following, I was again blessed with angels. My first sight was of emerald green, with a bright gold, clearly the Powers and Principalities, neither of whom were in pastel. Then, as an answer to my request, I was shown the wings of white and powder blue, perhaps one of the Virtues, and then aqua, most definitely an Archangel.

Then, the most beautiful angel appeared, looking at me from above. She had long, lovely dark hair, and the prettiest, delicate features on her pleasant face.

Each of the angels have their own purpose, but to me it was their way of teaching that they are present. Because of my ability to see them, I can convey to you of their existence.

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