Get Going

While I lie sleeping, a bright light awakened me. I found myself speedily driving down well-marked roads and watching the white and yellow lines fly by me. I turned right, then left, stopped at a stop sign, and then continued driving. I saw yellow road signs, speed limit signs, and continued to make my turns as I raced through the city.

When I was fully awake, I mused over the exercise I’d just been through. I tried to figure out why this little scenario took place. What did it mean?

I had some concerns about the drive I was to take today. In fact, I had to leave the house within a couple of hours to pick up two ladies who are to accompany me to my future daughter-in-law’s bridal shower. The location of the shower is about forty minutes from my home.

My guiding spirit must have been excited about the event, and wanted me to get up and get going so that I could pick up the girls.

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