Red Eyes

My eyesight had always been pretty good with near 20/20 vision. As I’ve aged, however, I’ve experienced dryness of the eyes, and my doctor has prescribed stronger eye drops every year after my exam. However, finding them unpleasant to use, I soon stopped using them each time.

Finding a dark spot within the white of my eye, I made an appointment to have my eyes checked. The doctor said that my eye was inflamed, and he prescribed even heavier gel eye drops, telling me to use them at night before going to bed and more often if I wanted to. This time I’m trying to abide.

Still, redness would appear at the bottom of the eye, and I continued to forget to use the drops before going to bed. Sometimes I would use them in the morning, but I probably needed them morning and night.

It was late in the evening when I decided I was tired enough to sleep. I got myself ready for bed, and crawled in, forgetting the eye drops. Soon my internal vision, or mind’s eye, began its nightly work of providing images of people I did not know.

I normally see a white cast background, knowing that the information is directly from God. Instead, the entire backdrop was a vibrant red. I didn’t think this was a good sign, so I began to recite the words I knew to ask for protection in God’s white light.

The red persisted, and then I knew. I was being reminded that I had forgotten to use the eye drops and would have red eyes if I didn’t use them.

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