Travel to Egypt

Janie, a dear friend of mine who likes to travel, took a trip to Egypt. While there, she had a totally phenomenal encounter. For no apparent reason to her, she began to cry profusely. She had no understanding of why this was happening to her.

I asked the producer of Musings for his opinion of her experience. He was convinced that it related to reincarnation, either one, or perhaps even two occurrences. He felt that a direct contact with her was attempted, and that she was not willing to accept it—thus, she could not receive it and only felt the highly emotional result of her tears.

Had she been prepared or known to desire to be contacted, she may have been able to give it her full attention and receive the communication. One must wonder who was there for her and what the intended message was all about.

To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at


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One Response to Travel to Egypt

  1. ellenblend says:

    I appreciate your commenting on my Travel to Egypt post. I would love to visit your new plantation endeavor. Maybe even next year!

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