After Passing

After my daughter’s husband, Rob, had passed away, the cat would sit in one of the back bedrooms, look up at the tree outside the window, and howl. This was Rob’s cat, a pure white, deaf cat. Sue had rescued him from the litter of unwanted kittens, and Rob said, “You have to keep him. He’s handicapped.”

Their house backed up to woods, and a stream ran through the property. Occasionally a deer would wander to the woods’ edge, and be visible to the home owners. “I think Rob visited here today,” Sue had said when a deer neared their home.

She and I both felt a spiritual connection, and comments such as this were comfortably understood. Rob had wanted to hunt in those woods, and deer seemed to be his favorite pursuit.

Then one day, I was sitting at a public market for the purpose of selling my books. A lady who was looking over one of my books to purchase commented, “Yes, I believe in the spiritual world,” she had said. “Your loved one doesn’t have to be gone very long before you realize they are not far away at all.”

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