Ghost in the House

I was having an addition build onto my home, and the builder and I often engaged in conversation.  He was aware that I spent much of my time writing as he worked.  “What do you write about,” he had asked.  I told him that much of my writing was about metaphysical things that happened in my life.  “Paranormal happenings,” I offered. 

 “Well,” he said, “When I first bought my current home, there was a ghost that lived there.  My wife and I could hear noises in the house.  One day we both heard a crashing noise upstairs, like broken glass, or a broken mirror.  We rushed upstairs to see what had happened but found nothing.”

 “How very interesting,” I said.    

 He continued, “Another time, my wife was upstairs and heard someone downstairs in the house.  She presumed it was me, and that I had come home from work for something.  When she went downstairs to find me, she found my office light on, but I was not there.  Later that evening, when I returned home, she asked why I had come home earlier.  I told her I hadn’t; she then exclaimed she had heard someone walk around, and she knew the office light was off when she had gone upstairs.”

 “You don’t hear those noises or find signs anymore?” I asked. 

 “Actually, no,” he said.  “It has all stopped.  I don’t know why that is, but we’re not bothered by it any more.”

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