Michigan Author Tends Toward the Paranormal

While she has become very spiritual, Ellen Marie Blend calls herself a “Psychic Phenomena Author”. She writes true stories, all from her own experiences. Her books are on display and for sale in the Regional Authors section at Saturn Booksellers in Gaylord.

When internal visions began plaguing her mind, and her friends were telling her that she was seeing the work of spirits, she started to search for answers. She began by going to bookstores, and then psychic stores, looking for confirmation of what she was seeing in her mind’s eye. Not finding what she was looking for, a psychic storeowner finally explained that spirits communicate symbolically.

“I probably would have dismissed the whole thing,” said Ellen, “but I had a close friend who believed in me and coached me along. I soon found that I could ask the spirit world what was going on in someone’s life, and an explanatory vision would appear.

I began to document the many visions that I received. I couldn’t always understand what they meant, but I found that my very dear friend had a similar talent, and she was able to interpret what I could see. I called my first book Visual Encounters, which explains what a psychic sees, and tells how this blend of talent emanated into a course of learning.”

Ellen has written other books, each one focusing on other topics in the spiritual realm. She claims that they are all a mystery as she is writing them, but the ending is truly given to her by one of her many guides. Her second book, Unraveling The Weave, cultivates her journey of discovery with visits from spirits, angels and guides.

Before this book was completed, another had already begun. Ellen found that she was troubled with memories that were not from her current lifetime. Looking Back is her own spiritual quest to find what haunted her about white cinderblock buildings. She traveled to England, where she received countless revelations of past lives.

It took her ten years to solve her mystery, and then another noteworthy event presented itself in her life; thus, Conversing on a Higher Level began. Ellen was thrown into a whirlwind love affair with a gentleman who carried the soul of her previous lover. They both recognized that their meeting was not by chance, but from a higher power. She learned that a shared-soul is one that has chosen to inhabit another’s body for a specific purpose and period in time.

While Ellen has other books of psychic phenomena in the works, she has also written a true and controversial story about the end of her career in automobile manufacturing. She explains, “This was a time of extreme downsizing and discrimination.” Not About Money depicts how she stood up for her rights against a corporate giant for the sake of principle, and not about money.

Ellen would welcome your visit to her website, http://www.ellenblend.com. You can also follow her on Facebook or Twitter, where she posts short, monthly articles.


About Ellen Marie Blend

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