The Following

Upon meeting my friend, Katie, I could feel the anguish and turmoil within her, so much so that it was uncomfortable for me to be around her. One day, as we were seated near one another at a luncheon, we struck up a conversation that centered around the subject of spiritual entities. I told her about the books that I write, and she was then comfortable in talking to me about her tribulations in life and the spirits she felt around her.

She also asked me if I knew a good tarot card reader. I made arrangements to take her to one I’m fond of, and who ultimately helped her immensely with the consternation that she feels inside. Although she is still troubled, I no longer feel the tension within her. Much of her pain has been healed.

She often speaks of seeing quick flashes of a being in her home that she feels is her father. Other times, she sees a gray shadow, and also feels her father’s presence. Sometimes a communication from him takes place that puts words in her head.

Quite recently, she was doing some quick shopping, and someone approached her and said, “There’s someone following you, you know.”

“Oh, it’s probably my father,” she responded, and hurried on her way.

She made her next stop at a grocery store. She was picking out goods from the shelves and putting them in her cart, when she noticed a man in a wheelchair in the same aisle as she. He spoke to her and said, “You know, there is someone following you.”

Again, she said, “Oh yes, that’s probably my father.” The conversation with the man continued, and Katie was unable to get away from him. As she continued to shop, the man followed her and kept talking. He was beginning to scare her. She finally said, “I’m really loving this conversation, but I really must go.” She then hurriedly checked out and left the store.

The man followed her out into the parking lot and approached her car before she could get away. She quickly picked up her cell phone and pretended to talk with someone as she waved good bye and sped away.

“Twice in the same day,” she exclaimed, “someone I didn’t even know told me that I was being followed. I wish I wasn’t in such a hurry. Perhaps I could have learned more.”

Sometimes we miss opportunities that are presented to us because of our preoccupation or the pressure of completing a task. Wouldn’t she be surprised to find that it isn’t her father following her at all?

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