Alien Visit

At this moment, I would still question if I actually had a visit from a friendly little Alien or just a dream. My visitor had an Alien head and body, and her face was visibly female. She was a young girl, green in color, and her body thinned to a mere tail. She had the warmest expression, and I welcomed her as a friendly spirit.

The rest of the visit was some explanation of the eight levels of her existence, which were shown as thin sheets in a file tray. Picture a desk tray with many level separators. She was trying to explain these eight levels, as she moved about freely, but I was left not understanding what these were.

Her departure was as warm as her entrance, and it has left me wondering. Since I am a visionary, I receive much information while in a hazy state of meditation. However, I’m inclined to believe that she actually did visit me, and that she presented herself to me through a dream.

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