A Lucky Penny

If you think your guardian angel is not watching over you, think again. One of mine has a way of letting me know she is there. I call her my “money angel,” as she has always made sure that I had just enough money.

My girlfriend, Stephanie, and I take an annual shopping trip to London, Ontario, to celebrate her birthday. She likes to drive, and has a great natural awareness of where she is and where to go. I, contrarily, do not enjoy driving, and without a sense of direction, never know where I am. She would have to direct me every step of the way, so it makes sense for her to drive on such a long journey. Furthermore, she is able to carry on a conversation and read a road map all while driving. She tells me that her idea of relaxation is to get in her car and drive.

At the time of this writing, her car has about 285,000 miles on it and needs a few items repaired. Mechanically, the car is always taken care of, but it gets a lot of use as she travels for work. She often drives to other states with her car.

I sat down in the passenger seat. As we began our journey, it felt as though the wheels of the car were loose and would literally roll off the car. Her passenger-side mirror has been missing for some time, and the window on the same side has been stuck in the open position, about three inches down; it has been taped shut to allow no air in the car.

Although the car is a bright yellow color, it has been speckled with black road tar ever since I can remember. The hinges on the driver side door finally gave way, and the door would fly open when she would make a left-hand turn. She has since had the door fixed, but she claims it is the best car she has ever owned.

As we ventured down the highway and onto the freeway, I silently prayed that we would make it there and back safely on our journey. If we were to get stranded in another country, I could not imagine our cost to get back to the U.S.

We pulled into the customs’ office lot, and Stephanie parked her car. We had stopped to exchange some American money for Canadian before crossing the bridge to Canada. As I opened my car door, there was a bright, shiny penny on the ground. I knew it was there for me, as my money angel has often gifted me with a sign such as this. I picked it up, and thoughtfully put it in my handbag, thanking her and the heavens for this sign. I now knew that I could relax and our trip would be made safely.

To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at http://www.ellenblend.com.


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