The Hanging

I receive much of my psychic information through visual imagery. I had been enjoying little bits of information that I found to be useful, until one evening I saw a young black girl hung by her wrists, just outside a window near a back door of my home. The vision saddened me, and I’ve been searching for reasons why she was hung ever since. My home is situated on a parcel in an area that is known to have been an Indian burial ground.

That vision stuck with me and made my heart ache for many days . Soon after, my son came over and went outside through the back door. I could see that he suddenly lost equilibrium as he passed through the doorway, right next to the window where the hanging took place.

Next, I passed through that same doorway and also momentarily lost equilibrium. That never happened before seeing the vision, but now I find that the energy from the hanging must still be there.

Shortly after, I received two more unrelated but disturbing visions, but these seemed to be of the future, and not the past. One was of a man in uniform, either service or Royalty, and having three gold stripes on the sleeve of a dark jacket. The man was okay, but was being carried on a stretcher, and his fully clothed arm, wearing the striped sleeve jacket came out from under a sheet. My son is a pilot, and I immediately called him to ask how many stripes he had on his jacket. He told me two, but it still made me feel uneasy.

The next disturbing vision was of a car accident. This caused me more worry, as it also appeared to be a vision of the future. I had to ask the spirit world to stop giving me this kind of information. I am glad to report that visions of this type have stopped.

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2 Responses to The Hanging

  1. LeeLee Zand says:

    I think it is very unusual to have spontaneous visions. They seems to be a lot of “HIGH ENERGY” around your home. You seem to be a Natural Medium. Picking up that kind of image can be tragic, especially for a sensitive. You can always ask your angels for protection, and politely ask negative spirit activity to “Move Toward the Light”. (I hope this is helpful.) Many Blessings Ellen !

  2. ellenblend says:

    Thank you for your comment. I usually ask for protection each night, but sometimes I’m tired and just forget. I’m grateful that my guides listen to me as I to them. Only positive information has been coming to me.

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