Voices from Angels

I see visual imagery all of the time, but nobody talks to me. At least it is quite rare if they do. I’m expected to interpret the symbolic image that I see in order to get the message. I’ve often complained to the spirit world that I want to hear words.

Then one day while looking for information on the Internet, I came across an article that explained how to clear your ear chakras so that you can hear your angels. So, when I went to bed, in my mind I fervently cleaned and scrubbed as directed.

I’ve known that I’ve had a “Money Angel” all of my life, as she has always made sure that I had just enough money. Sometimes a check would come in the mail, just when it was needed, or I would find small change on the ground, generally pennies, just to let me know that she was there. I’ve learned to count on her presence.

The first night an angel spoke to me, it was my “Money angel,” female voice, who clearly said, “Here’s a little money for you.” I was in awe, but so pleased that she actually talked to me.

No one spoke to me again. So, I repeated the exercise of clearing the ear chakras. I had just learned that the deep blue violet light that I so often see is actually the Violet Flame brought by St. Germain. When I completed the cleansing, the next voice I heard was male, and he said, “You have nothing to fear.”

I asked a psychic friend if that was St. Germain himself. She hesitated as she waited for a guide to answer her. “No, she said, but I feel it was one of his helpers.”

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6 Responses to Voices from Angels

  1. LeeLee Zand says:

    Sometimes it is best NOT to hear them. I have been woken from sleep before, and it’s scary. I prefer the telepathic voices, images and hints I get. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen. Sometimes it is a gentle whisper, an image, or a gut feeling. They know we are sensitive, so they give us clues (like the pennies) to let us know they are around.

  2. brendaphelps says:

    Ellen, I had my first “visual imagery” experience almost two months ago now. You can read the very first post on my blog to get the details. http://brendaphelps.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/its-cheaper-than-a-therapist/. I feel like it was an event that has changed my life forever. I keep wondering if I’ll ever get another one. I have told my guides that I’m open to this but nothing so far.

    I had another instance a couple of years ago where one day at lunch time, I felt a very strong urge to go to a particular place for lunch, like I was supposed to go there for a particular reason. It was a particular McDonalds in my area. While sitting there eating my lunch, I noticed this older couple with a couple of small children, who were obviously their grandchildren, and the four of them appeared to be having a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company. And for some odd reason, this scene made me think about my father’s father, Paul, who met me once when I was two and then never showed any interest in me ever again, and I never saw him again. He also treated my father in a very cold manner. I often wondered why he treated him that way, when he treated his other son and his children very warmly. I wondered what my father did to make his father so distant. And then clear as a bell, immediately after I had that thought, I received this message: “That’s because your father wasn’t Paul’s son.” I’m absolutely certain this message came from some outside source, not from me. This was not my own thought. I didn’t audibly “hear” it either, it just arrived in my brain the same way a thought would, except I immediately understood this was not a thought that originated in my brain. And as I thought back on various things that had happened over the years, this new information suddenly made things make a lot more sense.

    • ellenblend says:

      Brenda: You are absolutely correct in what you felt, in going to the MacDonald’s, and the reason was conveyed there. You are also correct in realizing that the information given to you was from a divine source. It was somehow important for you to receive this information at this time. The more confirmation of your connection to the spirit world, from people like myself, the more visions and information you will receive. Congratulations! Ellen

      • brendaphelps says:

        Hi Ellen, thanks for your reply. I was wondering also what you think about my angel vision as described in my first blog post that I gave you the link for above. Is that what it’s like for you when you receive a visual imagery experience? You’re shown something in your mind and you instinctively know that the image came from somewhere else, and you instinctively know what the image is supposed to mean?

      • ellenblend says:

        Hi Brenda:

        In answer to your question, I’ve seen angels in many forms, some more subtle than others. That includes one on-earth guide, now deceased, that I write about in most of my books. Yes, your instinct is very important in discerning your visual imagery–and don’t doubt what you see and feel. It is very real. My abstract guess is that you have some past life connection, not necessary on earth, with “your angel.” That type of relationship can be very mind boggling, for years. I might suggest you seek out a channeler at some point to see if one of your guides would come forth to give you some answers. You’re an excellent writer, by the way. Keep blogging!



      • brendaphelps says:

        Thanks, Ellen! And you’ve been very helpful!

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