Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are known as “The Book of Life,” and are said to be a vibrational record and contain the entire history, thought, word, experience and future possibilities of every soul.

I met a gal at a social event who was quite charming, but still suffering from both the loss of her son and husband, in consecutive years. She was trying to understand why they were both taken from her, and why so close together.

“I suppose it was just meant to be,” she said. We talked about spirituality, and about the Akashic Records. She said she could almost accept her husband’s death, but not that of a young child. I agreed that his death was predestined, and part of the Akashic Records.

That night when I went to bed, thoughts still lingering on her sadness, I saw the Akashic Records in my mind’s eye. A guide was telling me that, indeed, the young man’s death had been pre-established.

A light green light overshadowed the wall of records. It appeared as if there were file sections cut into the wall, each about 9” x 14”. I was shown writing across the wall, or particular file section, in a cursive style. It was not an American cursive writing that I could read. It was illegible, as if from another time period.

I tried to research the earliest cursive handwriting, which I traced back to the 17th century, but could find nothing that resembled what I saw on the Akashic wall. I was able to confirm, by my guide showing me that wall, that the young man’s dying was part of his pre-destined fate.

Perhaps the writing was just a symbolic representation, showing me visually that the young man’s death was a matter of record.

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