Notice of Change

I hadn’t met with Cassie socially for a very long time. We had planned to get together over the summer when she was not teaching school, but her vacation to Mexico and other things seemed to postpone our plans into fall. When we finally got together, she wanted to tell me of her excitement of buying a condo for herself.

“It all happened so smoothly, I just knew it was meant to be,” she said.

We met for dinner one evening, and she told me her story. She had already gotten undressed and was in her pajamas when the telephone rang. It was her real estate agent who called to say that she had a condo she wanted her to see.

“I’m already in my pajamas,” Cassie said.

“Well don’t change. I’ll put mine on,” the agent said. And, they went to the lady’s home who had the condo for sale. The lady received them also in her pajamas. Cassie knew in an instant this was the condo unit for her and made an offer.

The timing was perfect. She would be closing just in time to be able to move during the Easter break at school. She was very excited about her new home.

I then told her my story of when I was about to purchase another home, and that I kept finding change everywhere I went. It was to such an extreme that I began to know that I would find small amounts of money, mostly pennies, and that they were to be found by me. My money angel was trying to tell me of the change that was going to take place in my life. I ended up not following through with the purchase, but the change for me was in securing a sound relationship with my son through this experience.

“Oh,” Cassie said, “I’ve been finding a lot of change myself. It’s very unusual for me, too. I hadn’t thought about it actually meaning “a change.”

Ellen Marie Blend


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