The Apology

My friend, Katie, had a strained relationship with her mother for many years. While she was taking care of a sick brother, her mom’s sister passed away suddenly, leaving her mom regretful for not having spoken to her for over ten years. Her stubbornness got in the way and she hurt many people.
“God sure works wondrous miracles,” Katie said. “When my brother got sick, my mom apologized to my husband and I for her past behavior.”
Since then, Katie and her mom repaired their wounded relationship and enjoyed many conversations together. “We connected just like we were never separated, and a healing took place for both of us.”
Katie believes that with her mom losing her sister so suddenly, it really made an impact on her. She realized that she had wasted so much time and now would never get an opportunity to make that up. She also told Katie that she had a lot of healing to do with people that she had hurt over the years, including her children. She never wanted to feel that way again.
Within a few months after the apology, Katie’s mom required brain surgery. The surgery resulted in a hemorrhage, which left her in a coma. Katie visited her mom in the hospital and said to her, “If you can hear me, squeeze my hand,” and she did. At some point during the few weeks that she lingered on, Katie said she held her hand and thought she heard her mom say, “I’m sorry.”
After some difficult weeks, Katie’s mom passed on. Although she feels cheated for the years they missed together, she is grateful for the healing that took place.
Ellen Marie Blend


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