It’s Elementary

I met a gentleman during a networking meeting I had attended. I was a single gal at the time, and this gentleman was showing a keen interest in me. I could see that he was married by the ring on his finger, but the attention was flattering just the same.

While he entertained that an affair could be had, I welcomed his friendship with limitations. We have since become good friends, and now I am married.

However, during this period, I questioned what his discontentment might be in his marriage. It did not appear that he had any intention of leaving his wife, even though he claimed that she did not support him in his interests.

One night I asked the spirit world for answers. I was given a schoolroom blackboard, with elementary lessons written on the board. Oh, I surmised. Men have often been bored with their marriages and have sought outside female attention. “It’s Elementary;” a basic need for love and nurturing.

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