Haunted Hatheway House

As a member of a local Writer’s Group, I met a young lady who also wrote material of a paranormal nature. She told me about the Hatheway House nearby that had a history of strange happenings and extraordinary ghostly stories. I had no knowledge of such a place, and she offered to drive me there as she was sure I would get some psychic information from this experience.

It was a bright, sunny day, and we pulled up to the house on the corner of 24 Mile Road and Washington. It was a large Victorian home with two stories and a cupola at the top. To her disappointment, and mine, I was unmoved at this viewing. However, that evening, I was given much information through a psychic experience in my mind’s eye.

Black, billowy clouds formed outside the home as I looked upon the two center of four second-level windows. A beast with large arms reached out of the center windows, with the head coming through the brick wall; it may have had a human face, but was definitely beastly.

I was shown a (red card) King of hearts or diamonds. Ripples ran through the King’s back.

A lovely rich wood banister formed a landing across the upstairs, with a staircase descending on the right. A white, wispy entity swept through the halls and down the stairs. There was much evil activity within the house—high winds, rocking, breaking of things, shaking of the walls, fast, violent action. I saw wild, primary colors, and heard noise of an arcade and juke box.

From the second level, someone threw a doll down the stairs with great force, breaking it. It’s arm fell off.

I had heard a story that Gilbert Hatheway had a daughter, Mabel, who died at the age of 20 from mysterious causes. Some say she was thrown down the stairs to her death.

A few days later, I had another vision, but not significant to any hauntings.

I could see a man in a dark suit sitting at an old typewriter. The typewritten page showed 12 pt. courier type. There were words crossed out, and editing marks on the page. There was also a woman upstairs, standing next to the man. Both were fair skinned. The man had a distinguished mustache with the ends shaped down. The woman was approximately 35 to 40 years old and was wearing a black dress with a white apron and either a nurses or maid’s hat. The man was in the same age range.

Gilbert was said to be terribly arthritic, and probably had a maid or nurse on staff to assist him.

Ellen Marie Blend


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