Spiritual Tears

When my dear friend Gwenn was alive, we use to go out on my boat. She loved the water, and took great pleasure in fishing, even if she didn’t catch any fish. She had her own gear, and knew how to bait her hook and remove the fish from the line gracefully.

We would spend a good part of the day on the water, and while she never objected when I was ready to come home, I could tell that she would spend more time out there if I was willing.

She has since passed on. One day, after winterizing my boat for me, my son suggested that I should think about selling it. He felt that it was getting older, and I might want to look for a newer boat before I found myself with expensive repairs.

I followed his direction and sold the boat, but did not replace it. However, for a few days after the sale took place, I would see drops of water running down my bathroom mirror.

I was puzzled at first. I couldn’t understand where the water drops were coming from. Then I realized, they were spiritual tears. Gwenn was letting me know that she was sad that I sold the boat.

To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at http://www.ellenblend.com.


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