Funeral Mass Visitation

My friend Katie’s mom had just passed away. She and her mom had suffered a poor relationship for at least four years after the death of her father. They had only resumed their friendship the last few months giving Katie much needed peace and enjoyment. Upon her mom’s death, she now feels cheated for the years they did not maintain a mother and daughter relationship. She misses the years that they lost.

Since she and I are able to converse on the spiritual happenings in each of our lives, during the visitation, she told me that her mom was very clairvoyant, and that is probably where she gets the gift. Katie is also very religious, and that does not inhibit her from seeing many apparitions of those she loves.

In fact, Katie was so inundated with spiritual interaction at the time of her mother’s death, she said, “I asked my spirits not to visit me on the night before my mom’s funeral as I needed to get a good night’s sleep. There was so much activity for the few nights previous that I didn’t get much sleep.”

“At the funeral,” she told me, “my (late) father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt and a lot of people I didn’t know showed up at the back of the alter during mass. There was such a loving crowd. Also, my dad was there at the gravesite to greet my mom’s casket. It was very enlightening.”


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