Hand of Divorce

For many months I vacillated on whether or not to get a divorce. I actually still loved my husband as he was very good to me, but I could no longer live with a man who did not take care of himself. He had become terribly obese and proved not only to be an embarrassment to me, but I had no desire to be intimate with him. This had gone on for too many years, and I did not belong there anymore.

Yet, because I did love him, and the fact that he was so good to me, I vacillated. I finally went to a marriage counselor to discuss my concerns. I attended several sessions, with him helping me through my reasons for unhappiness. Finally, in what ended up to be my last session, he asked me this question.

“Do you think if you waited, your husband would change?”

I thought about it for only a moment, and said “No.” I got up from my chair, extended my hand in a farewell greeting, and said goodbye.

The next day I filed for divorce. After that moment of truth, I felt the big hand of divorce push me through the steps that I needed to take in order to leave him. There was no more consternation, no more questioning in my mind, and no stopping the propulsion that I felt. I was physically being pushed through the process right to the end.

That push was an unseen guide. My guide must have been waiting for me to finally decide, and was there to see me through.

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