Three Penny More

While on vacation, my husband and I stopped at a small department store where he could buy some shorts he knew they carried. While at the checkout, I found two pennies at the very end of the counter, past where the cashier stood.

I felt that the pennies were there for me to find, as I had a money angel that often gifted me with small change.

On the way out, I explained to my husband that I found it strange that there were two pennies. Generally there would only be one, or if not, there would be three. “Keep an eye out for another penny,” I said. “My money angel never gives two pennies.”

Out next stop was to visit a quiet shoreline with a long dock where a large ship was moored. It was a pleasant day, and we found a bench upon which to sit. My husband looked down, and found the third penny.

“There, you see. She never provides just two pennies. I knew there had to be three.”

A little while later, we moved to another bench out of the sun. Again, my husband looked down. This time he found lots of pennies. I don’t recall just how many, but there must have been at least 21 or 22 more pennies to be found that day.

I think my money angel just wanted to prove that she indeed was there and capable of providing plenty of pennies to prove her existence.

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