Hair Dryer

Janie and I had become friends for only a few years when she became terribly ill. She was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer.

She and I seem to understand each other quite well, and I was probably the only one who agreed with her decision not to have chemotherapy. She felt that her immune system was not that good to begin with and that she would not survive the treatments.

As it turned out, she lived more than a year longer than the doctors predicted if she were to have the treatment. I think that she appreciated my support, and her other friends told me that she had always been very fond of me.

Her closer friends knew of her desire to be laid out in the back porch sunroom of her home. In fact, she had new door walls installed so that visitors could easily enter and leave through those doors without tracking through her home.

After she passed, her brother took over her arrangements and was in agreement with the in-home showing. However, a last minute change of heart, causing much confusion to visiting friends and relatives, was to have her body moved to the funeral home that made the arrangements.

Having learned this information rather late myself, I hurried to get ready and make it to the funeral home before other guests arrived. I had washed my hair and was trying to use my hairdryer, but it wouldn’t work. I pushed a couple of different button selections, but none of them worked, even though it worked perfectly a few days earlier.

I scurried around to find my husband’s hair dryer, but tried mine again. I even used the reset button on the wall receptacle to see if that was the problem. I settled on using my husband’s dryer and went on to the funeral home.

The next day I tried the hair dryer again, giving it one more chance before throwing it away. It worked. I guess my friend, Janie, was letting me know that she was not happy with the arrangements having been changed.

The hairdryer has worked perfectly ever since.

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