There is a Heaven

Marie, my musically inclined friend, has a very busy mind. She questions everything, but especially those spiritual things she does not understand. She is very much in touch with God, but still she questions.

“When my father passed on, I really wanted to know if he was in heaven. Is there really a heaven?” she kept asking in prayer. Without getting a formal answer, she sought out a psychic reader.

The reader could see her father in heaven, and told her things about her father that confirmed that her words were true.

Months later, thinking about her late mother, she again sought out this same reader. “Is my mother in heaven too?” she queried.

The reader again confirmed her mother’s presence in heaven. “Your mother loved flowers,” she said. “She is truly enjoying the many flowers of heaven as their colors are so vibrant and they are different than the flowers around here.”

Now Marie says “she knows” there is a heaven, and is at peace for her parents.


About Ellen Marie Blend

Psychic Books | Psychic Author | Ellen Blend Psychic Phenomena Author of non-fiction books and articles.
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