Glowing Aura

My husband and I had been invited to celebrate our relatively close birthdays with his sister at her home.  She had lost her husband slightly more than a year previous, and was learning to entertain others in her home by herself.


As we visited in the living room, my husband and I sat in chairs in front of a picture window, and his sister sat in a bright-colored chair against the opposite wall.  She often spoke of her late husband in her conversation, but has adjusted to her new life quite well.


As she spoke, I noted a bright, glowing light about six inches wide surrounding the bright colored chair against the wall.  I said nothing about it, but after leaving, I mentioned it to my husband.


“That was Joe’s chair,” he said.  “He always sat in that chair.  In fact, the last two times I visited him before he became bedridden, that is where he sat when we visited.  You just saw Joe’s aura!”


Indeed it was quite spiritual, but I had no other explanation for what I saw.  He must have been present to comfort his wife.To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at




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