The last couple of years I have had an ailment called positional vertigo.  It is not bothersome at all in a sitting or standing position, but when I lay down, there is one position that produces “room spins.”


At first I was quite worried, and went to the doctor and received that diagnosis.  After explaining that I was afraid that I had a brain tumor, I was sent for a test to be sure that I didn’t.


The other evening, after lying down in bed, I was presented with spiritual images in the mind’s eye, but the visions were being presented slightly slanted.  “That’s weird,” I exclaimed, and went to sleep.


A couple of nights later, another image was presented, and as I began to concentrate on the details, it began to spin!  “Okay,” I said to the spirit world.  “So you know I have vertigo.  Very funny!”


Yes, it was humorous, and it was good to know that my guide has a great sense of humor.


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