A Gift from Heaven

This may not be the kind of gift you would think came from heaven, but my money angel is very kind to me. 


I received a generous coupon on line for a popular restaurant that serves very good ribs, and my husband and I like to go there.  With that coupon, which was only good on that day, we went to dinner. 


As I walked from the car to the front door of the restaurant, I spied a shiny penny on the ground between the two cars that I passed through.  I stopped to pick it up, and said to my husband, “She’s here!”  Of course he knew I meant my “money angel” as he has witnessed her offerings in the past.


We then entered the restaurant and placed our orders.  He ordered a full slab of ribs, and I ordered a half slab.  When the orders were delivered to the table, we both were given half-slab orders, and the side dishes on each plate were incorrect.  The waitress took off in a flash before we could catch her. 


I tried following her to catch up with her, but she escaped into the kitchen.  The manager was at the front desk and saw me look helplessly at the kitchen door.  “Can I help you?” he asked.


“I was just trying to catch the waitress as we received the wrong orders.”


“I can help you with that,” he said, and escorted me back to my table.  As he took our orders again, someone from the kitchen brought out the right orders, and our waitress followed right behind. 


He kindly directed the waitress to find out who did not get their orders and to take care of it.  He also told us to take the ribs off of the plates with the incorrect sides and add them to ours.


By the time we left the restaurant, we actually had a full slab of ribs to take home in our carryout boxes.  I thanked my money angel for her generous assistance and her gift from heaven.   


To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at http://www.ellenblend.com.


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