I Saw You

My husband is a retired teacher, and often enjoys sharing teaching experiences with his daughter, Angela, who also became a teacher. When they talk, they are able to share stories of their classrooms, teaching methods, and some of their good and difficult students.

To add to my husband’s enjoyment, his daughter occasionally invites him to come to school and talk to her students. He is proud of her accomplishments as a teacher. He visited her classroom just before Halloween where she was teaching Spanish.

“I saw you and Angela at school,” I remarked. I often saw visions in my mind’s eye when going to bed.

“You did?” my husband questioned.

“Yes. Last evening when I went to bed. You were in the classroom.”

Disbelieving, he asked “Did Angela write on the board?”

“Yes,” I said.

“What did you see?” he asked.

“Oh, a couple of big circles, like pumpkins.”

“Do you know what a Venn Diagram is?” he asked.

“No,” I confessed.

“It’s two circles that overlap. Students offer their ideas about two things and discuss their similarities and differences. The teacher writes the ideas in one or the other circles, and the diagram shows where the two are alike in the overlapped portion. She was talking about the similarities and differences between Halloween and the Spanish Day of the Dead.”

He was amazed to find that I was able to see this information.

“You were on the left and Angela was on the right as you faced the blackboard.”

“Yes, you’re right,” he said.

It is not often that I am presented with this type of information, but it was fun to report this to him and find that I was right.

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