News Flash

My husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table when the light above us began flickering. “It’s going to burn out,” he said.

“No it isn’t,” I said. “It does this once in a while. Maybe it’s a short in a wire or something.”

“I don’t know,” my husband said, as he glanced at the light in the stove clock. There have been times when the stove light would dim when the overhead kitchen light dimmed and flickered.

“Well, I bought a replacement bulb the last time it flickered like this, but that was months ago and it never burned out. I wonder what spirits are in the house,” I said.

“There aren’t any spirits here,” he huffed.

The light continued to flash on and off, driving each of us a little crazy. I had to admit it was more than normal and was lasting a very long time. “How annoying,” I said. “Do you want me to turn it off?”

Before he could answer, the telephone rang. It was one of my girlfriends from my sewing club. She called with the shocking news that the husband of one of the club members had passed away that morning.

The kitchen light has burned steadily from that moment on.

“I guess that flickering light going off and on was actually a news flash,” I surmised. The spirit was in the house to warn me of the upcoming news.

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