Bucking Your Head

My friend, Stephanie, had the worst luck of anyone I knew. For the fifteen years since her divorce, nothing has gone right for her. Things continually go wrong with her house, job, and her relationships with her children. I feel a lot of it has to do with her karma, but she is unwilling to listen to the advice I offer.

Still, she asks for help, or sometimes for more specific answers to her questions. I feel that all of her problems are due to her stubbornness, and refusal to work out her differences with her children. Until that time, her house and her job will continue to fall apart. “Why is my house haunted?” she asked me. “If you get any answers, please let me know.”   I gave her the following response.

“I asked the spirit world to give me an answer as to what is going wrong in your house, or your question, ‘Why is it haunted?’ I asked that I be answered in a way that my opinion would not influence my answer to you.

This is the visual of the information I was given. You are inside your house in the middle of the living room and holding an interior door with both hands. You keep trying to get through the door, but you cannot get past and keep getting smacked in the face.

This is my interpretation. The problem is interior, within you. The door is a moveable object that you carry, and you won’t let go of it. You can’t get past it, either, and you won’t put it out of your way. Therefore, you are continually getting smacked in the face. It is making as much sense as banging your head against the wall. It does not solve anything.”

To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at http://www.ellenblend.com.


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