Nighttime Attack

I had just met with a local author whose book was noted in a column of a newspaper.  I did not get that paper in my area, but my friend, Kristen, gave it to me and thought I might like to meet the author.   I called her and we set up a date to meet.   I had just had an enjoyable lunch and an entire afternoon’s chat on the personal experiences we’ve each had, publishing exploits of success and not, and the path each of us had taken.

Shannon was a most unusual person. Her voice belied her looks. From the voice over the telephone, I expected to see a brunette with short, cropped hair, and a schoolteacher profile filled with lots of academia.  She was, after all,  a psychologist.  When I met her, I found a ravishingly attractive red head with long, thick hair. Her chosen coloring of dress and make-up were likewise appealing.

I found her personal accountings both fascinating and bizarre, particularly her reiteration of a more than vivid dream where her life was taken over by an entity from another planet. While I am not discounting the possibility of such a scenario at all, it is more difficult for the palette to swallow than having heard about pure, psychic thoughts. To the best of my assessment, her feet were firmly planted on the ground, but she now finds herself  driven a bit to the edge by experiences the normal human could barely handle. A visitation by extra-terrestrials was beyond my thinking capability at that time.

I have had my own set of experiences to deal with, including the recent visit of something or someone during the night that left deep gouges in my neck. When I felt comfortable enough with Shannon to relate my own far-fetched experience, I asked her if she had ever heard of anyone being attacked by any sort of spiritual entity in their sleep. I had been in a sound sleep, and I remember struggling to get away from whatever had me bound into place in bed. I finally succeeded in the fight, but I was left terrified from the experience.

“No,” she said, she had not. “However,” she continued, ” I do remember seeing a television program on such a matter where a man’s entire body was scratched by something he claimed was from beyond the realms of this earth. I appreciated her candidness and not making me feel that my interpretation was unwarranted. Once you have experienced these things, you tend not to doubt another’s difficult-to-believe accountings. I did have the scratches on my neck to prove it.

This was all too fresh in my mind having just happened the night before, and the scratches in my neck were still fresh. After receiving verbal acceptance of my claim, I later felt more comfortable writing the incident off in my brain as some understandable event. I resolved myself to think that I must have gotten tangled up in the sheets on the bed and had to fight my way out of the twisted mess. Even though I tried to reenact such a struggle while in bed, I still wasn’t sure that this is what really happened.

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