Lucky Day

My Money Angel often left pennies or small change where I could find it, just to let me know that she was near.  I hadn’t seen any clues for some time, and I was looking for reassurance that she was still around.


I had been shopping that day and parked the car in the lot.  My eyes scanned the ground around me, looking for a penny or two, but none were to be found.  I finished shopping, got back into my car and drove to my next stop.


Again, after parking the car, I perused the ground around me, but found nothing.  When I came out of the store and approached my car, there were a couple of attendants collecting shopping carts in the lot.  One was directly in back of my car with a string of carts and stopped to pick up something on the ground.


He yelled to the other attendant.  “I found a penny.  It must be my lucky day!”


Had my Money Angel left it for me?  Or, did she feel that the finding of the penny by someone who announced it’s presence was confirmation enough?


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1 Response to Lucky Day

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Never doubt your money angel.

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