The Cat Ghost


A talented singer friend of mine, Marie, does cat rescue and presently has nine cats.  One night, after going to bed, she could feel a cat jump on and curl up right next to her.


“It wasn’t one of my cats,” she said.  “They had all been accounted for.  Just to be sure, I checked the bedroom carefully to see if any of the cats were there, and finding none, closed the door.”


Again, she could feel the cat curled up next to her, giving her warmth.  When she realized it was a cat ghost, she prayed to God to please take this cat to heaven.  It had obviously not crossed over.


That was the last time she felt the cat’s presence.  She missed having the little cat with her, so she asked God if the cat could come and visit, but still be in heaven.


The cat never returned, so she feels she got her answer.  The cat could not visit her after it crossed over.  She knew then that she had to let her strong desire go, and felt gratified that she had helped the little cat get to heaven.


To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at




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