Spiritual Kisses

My dearest friend, Gwenn, passed away much too young for her vibrant spirit.  She was just 62.  She is the one who mentored me on my psychic path, even though she was unable to see the visions that I did.  She had a sense of intuition that was quite keen, and the intellect to go along with it.


After her sad departure and wake, Gwenn visited me, as I knew she would.  The first time she let me know that she was very angry at her friends for discouraging an out-of-town friend, Kaye, from visiting her before her death. 


She appeared to me wearing a blouse that I recognized, and fire-red hot coils, to show me that she was angry.  When I questioned her what she was so angry about, she presented someone wearing a tall black hat. 


Kaye always liked to wear hats, and at Gwenn’s wake she wore a tall black hat.  Her group of friends here never told Kaye not to visit; we just suggested that Gwenn was too weak for much visitation.  Our thoughts were only to protect her.


Gwenn visited many more times, and once to let me know that she was aware of how much I missed her.  Although I could not see her, I clearly felt her presence.  She embraced me warmly, and offered her spiritual kisses to let me know that I was also loved.


To learn more about her spiritual encounters and those of her friends, you may visit her website at http://www.ellenblend.com.



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