Spiritual Visitation

A gentleman friend of sometime past claimed to have had a spiritual visitation.


When he came over, he told me that he had taken a walk in the woods that morning, and that he had a visitor. God had come to see him during his walk. I asked him what happened, and this is what he said.


“I asked him, ‘Are you ready to take me?  Because if you are, I don’t think I’ve finished everything I need to do.’”


God’s message to him was this:  “No, I haven’t come to take you.  Don’t feel badly about the things that you’ve been unable to accomplish.  You’ve done the best you can with what I gave you to work with.”


By that I am left to believe that God gives us each a plan and equips us with certain attributes to carry them out.  His message is always to do our best, and that is all he wants us to do.



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